I am a Ph.D. candidate in Applied Mathematics at Northwestern University. I use mathematical tools to uncover the simplicity behind complex phenomena of human society. Some topics of my work include scaling laws in cities and dynamics of political elections. My approach is to build mechanistic models from first principles inspired by firmly-established social science findings, and confronting the models with real-world data, such as city crime rates and US Congress voting records. I work closely with social scientists, physicists, and mathematicians. I am seeking full-time opportunities starting summer 2018, for mathematical modeling with direct application to people’s lives, with a particular interest in human behavior on a large scale. This can take the form of a postdoc, an academic position, or a research/data scientist position in the industry.

Outside of academics, I enjoy dance, photography, and Aikido. I was the founding president of NuTango, Northwestern University’s Argentine Tango Club. I was also the 2016-17 president of Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Northwestern Chapter.

CV (Oct 2017)

If you are looking for my d3 visualization of US Congress ideology, it’s here.



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